Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tests to determine the qualities of Transformer oil

Transformer oil is mineral insulating oil derived from crude petroleum. It is a Mixture of various hydrocarbons. It consist partly aliphatic compounds with the general formula C H2(12 and C H2. It is important to check the condition of oil periodically to ensure safety of transformers. The following tests are used to access the condition of a transformer!

  1. Dielectric Strength
  2. Water Content
  3. Neutralization Value
  4. Interfacial Tension
  5. Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  6. Test for Corrosive Sulphur in Oil
  7. Test for Oxidation Stability
  8. Specific Resistance (Resistivity)
  9. Flash Point
  10. Pour Point
  11. Viscosity
  12. Sludge Test
  13. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

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