Monday, March 12, 2012

Visual Engineer; the Next Generation of Avionics Design Software

Today we will discuss about a specialized avionic industry software Visual Engineer . Visual Engineer was developed specifically for the aviation industry. This advanced software is developed by 20-year Senior Electrical Engineer, Software / Database Programmer and Avionics Industry Specialist, Doug Bess. Visual Engineer’s superior Visio and SQL database framework improves efficiency and financial performance. This software works specifically within custom aircraft modification, completion and refurbishment environments. Visual Engineer reduces custom Avionics Electrical Engineering Design & Delivery processes by 50%. A fully-integrated, fully automated software platform, Visual Engineer reduces errors and increases communications efficiencies across four vital channels in the engineering and manufacturing process – Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physical Systems Installation and Technical Publications – in order to speed aircraft delivery, improve quality and increase overall financial performance. Visual Engineer increases your completion efficiency and profit by decreasing time to completion

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