Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fuse Unit

Fuse unit is used to control distribution feeders. Normally fuses are provided on all the three phases. This gives over current protection and short circuit protection. These fuses are commonly used in distribution transformers to protect the lines.

Fuse Unit

Above is a typical fuse unit mounted near a transformer. This provides protection and control of the lines. Technicians can remove the fuse to a particular line and carry out the maintenance works. Also this provides a protection for over current supply and short circuit current. Fuses will blow off during over current and short circuit current.

Fuses are made of porcelain and the conducting parts are copper. Graded alloy wires are used for re-wire able fuse links. Sometimes HRC fuses are used to link between terminals. Technicians use a hand gloves while handling these fuses. It is very convenient to test the supply by using line tester.

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