Friday, January 21, 2011

Nokia C7 as remote control for BMW car

Nokia C7 turns out into a remote to control a BMW . An Jiaxuan with his friend developed the app which runs in the Nokia C7 and with the app they remotely control a BMW car.It started with the controlling of toy cars and ended up in controlling a BMW. This project was made possible after 20 days of coding.


And read this comment: You need to note that these guys integrated the controls into the car, and myth buster just slapped on motors to the wheel and accelerator. Also myth busters could use a easily connectable rc remote, while these guys used a phone which wasn't originally made for this purpose.

Apple iPhone 5 to Have Pentalobular Screws

Have you ever open up your old o new gadget to see what is inside or tried to repair some part of it? Some people try to open their gadget and study what is inside the gadget. This is happening all over the world. Most of us like to repair mobiles and ipods when they are broken. On most o the cases this may worsen the problem or render the gadget useless. An some smart gays become masters in their own gadget. Both these are not acceptable for giants like Apple.

Apple is going to stop this bad habit(?) by introducing a new technology. Apple is set to introduce a new type of screws called pentalobular screws through their product line. This is to prevent users from opening up their iPhones. Reports say that Apple has implemented it in some of the iPhone 4 available worldwide other than the US and most definitely be included on the next generation iPhone as well. The main advantage is that there are currently no screwdrivers on the market that will be able to open it. These screws were first introduced in the MacBook Pro then the MacBook Air and now the iPhone 4. To make matters worse, if users send their current non-pentalobular iPhones for fixing, Apple will replace them with the new ones.

If apple get success in this attempt sooner all our gadget manufactures go for something like this.

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