Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LT SWITCHBOARD–Low Tension Power Control Centre

LT SWITCHBOARD–Low Tension Power Control Centre is used to control power flow at low voltage level (415 Volt) three phase 3/4 wire systems. There are power distribution boards, Power Generation Control Boards, Feeder Control Boards and Motor Control Panels come under this category. I short these are system/panels which are used for 415 V (phase to phase) , for electrical distribution and motor control, in any type of industries. The boards are fabricated and comply with IEC 60439-1 as well as with derived national standards NF EN 60 439-1, VDE 0660 Part 5, DIN 41-488, BS 5486, NBN C63 439 and CEI Italy 542 concerning the construction of type-tested assemblies (TTA). Types of LT SWITCH BOARD – Low Tension Power Control Centre are:

PCC-Power Control Centre
PDB-Power Distribution
MPDB-Main Power Distribution Board

MCC-Motor Control
ACDB-Alternating Current Distribution Board

DCDB-Direct Current Distribution Board


  1. distribution boards also provides LT switchboard is mainly responsible for distribution of electricity throughout the system and controls the motors whenever required.

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