Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free Electrical Calculation Software from Industry Giants

As the Information Technology is gaining upper hand in every industry the Electrical design also moving with the latest technological advances. Electrical Installation Calculation is one field with lot of software from various leaders in this field. Here we will discuss two leading free downloadable software from Schneider Electric and ABB. MyEcodial L 3.4 from Schneider Electric and ABB DOCwin 3.0 are two leading software in this regard.

MyEcodial L 3.4

MyEcodial L 3.4 from Schneider Electric is your assistant for electrical installation calculation. The following are the features of this software. My Ecodial L efficiently assists you in calculating complex electrical installations, My Ecodial L is your expert in electrical installation design and calculation, My Ecodial L is specialised in the calculation of your industrial and complex tertiary installations, The Ecodial team has worked to improve Ecodial V3 series, already used in 50 countries, The Ecodial team has particularly focussed its efforts on ergonomics evolution, With its improved ergonomics, My Ecodial L is easier and more intuitive to use. You can keep using Ecodial without changing your habits!

To try My Ecodial L, please contact your local sales correspondent to use this electrical calculation software

Learn more about MyEcodial L 3.4 at

ABB Design Optimisation on Computer (DOC)win 3.0

The ABB Design Optimisation on Computer (DOC) win 3.0 software has been developed by ABB to cover virtually anything that an electrical installation designer could demand of a calculation package from calculating an entire installation or just solving a simple local problem. In each case Design Optimisation on Computer (DOC)win 3.0 provides an easy intuitive solution.

Download ABB Design Optimisation on Computer (DOC)win 3.0 for free with 2 parts from the following links : -

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