Saturday, April 7, 2012

Electrical Design Tutor

Electrical Design Tutor is one beautiful site that help beginners and electrical engineers learn the basics of Electrical Engineering and practice theory and practice together. This site has been designed for electrical engineers, electricians, students and anyone else that is interested in learning about how to design electrical engineering systems. Students can start from the basics and they will get information on Ohm’s law and start their learning process. There are detailed sections on Motors, Generators, Electrical Panels, Transformers etc. The article section deals with some interesting subjects. Read about NEC etc here. For a real time experience please visit


  1. The Epc services will remain valid for 10 years . When the housing unit resold or leased within this validity period of 10 years, must be a new EPC for sale or lease made. Course must have a copy in case of rental and the original EPC in case of sale given to the new tenant or buyer.

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