Sunday, April 1, 2012

Energy Surveillance System, ESS

Energy Surveillance System (ESS) will monitor alarms send by Energy Management System (EMS) and inform the operator about Energy Leakages. Let us see how the GE Energy Surveillance System (ESS) works. Energy Surveillance System (ESS) will monitor the alarms issued by the company’s Energy Management System and will relay that information by means of email. Each alarm will be tagged with a name according to your preference. All information will be stored on a dedicated server which will be located at your location. The Energy Surveillance System (ESS) will monitor alarms from 8 -16 loads. When the ESS notices any alarm issued by your Energy Management System, it will send out an alert to the proper personnel.


  1. The Epc services will remain valid for 10 years . When the housing unit resold or leased within this validity period of 10 years, must be a new EPC for sale or lease made. Course must have a copy in case of rental and the original EPC in case of sale given to the new tenant or buyer.

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