Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LED Lamps for Efficient Lighting

LED technology has developed a lot and now an single LED chip can produce 7527 Lumens consuming only 100 watts. . LED lamps can be made interchangeable with other types of lamps. This developed an efficient way to produce electric light. LED lamps consume a small amount of electricity and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy.
Green energy is getting popularity now. But to make green energy it require a lot of efforts and capital. But one who love nature and want to save nature can promote LED lights and LED Bulbs. LEDs are better energy efficiency over incandescent bulbs and most halogen bulbs, Saving energy 80% to 90%. Add to this the long life span for these lamps. LED lights lasts ten times more than CFL or other florescent lamps. Let us know the details of benefits of LED lamps over other lights. LEDs have very long operating life and it can live up to 100,000 hours. The operating voltage for LED is very low and it can work on both DC and AC volts. Low voltage DC operation (12V AC/DC) or Mains voltage operation make this flexible for Input voltage between AC 85V and AC265V, or any voltage for customized design. Low heat radiation helps LED to produce cool light output. LEDs produce no UV or heat energy, and the energy loss will be less. Narrow, medium and wide angle lenses are available for LED. LEDs are available in any combination of lighting colours. LEDs produce Warm White (2700K to 4300k), Daylight white / Cool White (5000K to 6500K, natural sunlight in colour), Cool white (up to 8000K), Amber, Orange, Pink, Red, Cyan, Blue, Royal Blue, Green. LED lights are available in very low watts and can be added together to form sufficient light. LEDs can be used for Home lighting, Vehicle lights, Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Accent Lighting, Reading Lights, Display Lighting, Desk Lamps, etc.


  1. This is very useful. Slowly, but surely the world has to switch over to this eco friendly way of lighting

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