Friday, April 13, 2012

Symmetrical components - Positive, Negative and Zero Sequence Components

Wikipedia says that In electrical engineering, the method of symmetrical components is used to simplify analysis of unbalanced three phase power systems under both normal and abnormal conditions.

There are three sets of independent components in a three-phase system: positive, negative and zero for both current and voltage. Positive sequence voltages are supplied by generators within the system and are always present. A second set of balanced phasors are also equal in magnitude and displaced 120 degrees apart, but display a counter-clockwise rotation sequence of A-C-B, which represents a negative sequence. The final set of balanced phasors is equal in magnitude and in phase with each other, however since there is no rotation sequence this is known as a zero sequence.

Under a no fault condition, the power system is considered to be essentially a symmetrical system and therefore only positive sequence currents and voltages exist. At the time of a fault, positive, negative and possibly zero sequence currents and voltages exist. Using real world phase voltages and currents along with Fortescue’s formulas, all positive, negative and zero sequence currents can be calculated. Protective relays use these sequence components along with phase current and/or voltage data as the input to protective elements.


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