Saturday, April 7, 2012

Training and Continuing Education at Georgia Tech Distance Learning

It is very important for every electrical engineer to keep up to date by gathering information after his/her graduation. There are many online education sites offer quality education for professional electrical engineers. Recently I have found one interesting site while browsing. This site offer distance education for electrical engineers after hi8s/her graduation while on-going job. These courses are very specific to subject and offer in depth information on the subject. Some courses are as listed below:

Fault and Disturbance Analysis Conference (ELEC 9190P): Join fellow power systems professionals to examine recent electrical disturbances and possible solutions in this annual Georgia Tech conference.

Grounding, EMI, and Power Quality (ELEC 3501P): Understand design practices for grounding and electromagnetic compatibility of industrial, commercial, and residential systems with linear and distorting loads.

Find more of such programs and courses at

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