Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Electric shock

Electric shock is also called "Electrical Stunning" and means that electric current passes through part of the human body. The severity of electric shock depends on the voltage and the path over which the current flows. If electric shock is mild, you will just feel tingling sensation, but severe one can cause a burn, respiratory depression, heart damage, and death at the worst. The resistance of human skin is around 5kW when it is dry and the voltage is 100V. It is around 2kW when it is wet. The body resistance is around 300W. If coming in contact with the voltage of 100V when the skin is wet, 22mA of current will flow through the human body and you cannot let go of it on your own. That is why you should avoid working with wet hands.

Current values Influence emerging to the human body


Tingling sensation


Considerable pain


Unbearable suffering


Muscle contraction is so severe that you cannot let go of the circuit on your own.


Considerable danger


A fatal result

Electric Shock

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