Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outdoor high-voltage AC SF6 breaker made in China

Outdoor high-voltage AC SF6 breaker is used to control EHT Power of the range 110 kV.LWA-126/T3150-40 type outdoor high-voltage AC SF6 breaker is porcelain type SF6 breaker, it adopts a self extinguishing interrupter structure,the
interrupter is located in a insulated porcelain housing and the SF6 gas works as the insulation and arc-extinguishing media, also the springmechanism is equipped; this kind of breaker is widely used inhydro powerstation, city network substation and large power stations,where the breaker controls and protects the power transmission line. This China make product is very cheap and worksatisfactory.

Thisoutdoor high-voltage AC SF6 breaker is fromTianshui Changcheng Switchgear Co.,Ltd (CTCS) is alarge-scale professional company in China`s manufacturing field of transmission and distribution switchgear, is a backbone enterprise ofLanzhou Great Wall Electrical Stock Limited Company.The company located in Tianshui CityIt mainly produces 0.4-126KVswitchgears, electrical components and LV switchgears. The products arewidely used in national large-scale power projects and otherlarge/middle industrial projects such as: petrol-chemical,metallurgy,transportation,mine and construction etc.

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