Monday, July 5, 2010

WIKI-Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) is on-line!

WIKI-Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) is on-line! A happy news for the students and professionals in Electrical Engineering. Enjoy the WIKI-EIG is on-line!

The Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) was an exclusive Schneider-Electric
publication distributed through printing and internet. From the end of last year Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) become open. Now the Wiki-
Electrical Installation Guide (EIG) allow all external contribution for
improvement and update. This is a major evolution towards neutral knowledge and exchange. The management rules as well as legal ones are coming directly from Wikipedia operation. The idea is to promote technical cooperation between concerned experts from all countries. New articles, new topics, corrections, complements are welcome as long as it fits inside the general field and the consensus between registered contributors is obtained. So far the spirit of the guide was to bring practical information for Electrical Designers based on the latest IEC standards and the energy efficiency trend. We hope that this collaborative experience be a success. You can even download the chapters in PDF format.

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