Saturday, July 17, 2010

Solar Energy Uses

Effective use of solar energy is the only solution for solving energy problems of the era. Non-conventional energy sources are investigated, but solar energy that is proved as high quality natural resource is remain un-tapped. The main reason is the lack of technology and cost of equipments. Today in this blog we will talk about two major use of solar energy that can be realized by minimum use of equipments. Let us try to use this sustainable energy source to its full potential and save electricity.

Day lighting: The amount of sunlight falling on a building, even on a cloudy day, is theoretically sufficient to provide all lighting requirements. The practical challenge is distributing sunlight throughout the building. For a large building, day lighting is limited to perimeter areas and the interior areas are lighted up by electric lighting system. For effectively using the sun light to interior areas new methods and equipment are needed. Only by effective approach the full potential of day lighting in all buildings.

Solar Space Heating: Solar Space Heating is another area where we can easily use solar energy. From a design standpoint, collecting sunlight with an active solar system is relatively simple. This is because an active solar system has no effect on direct solar heat gain into the building, and it has no effect on day lighting. The main problem is equipment cost, which is high in relation to the value of the energy that is recovered.

Solar Energy Basics for Your Home

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