Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Clean Install Windows 7

How to Clean Install Windows 7 is provided for Electrical Engineers who want to try the latest Operating System from Microsoft. Not only the Electrical Engineers, but other engineers also need this latest operating system. Learn it now before your friends master this gadget.

Windows 7 is there. The first remarks indicate that this operating system is going to stay there for time. You have to install it onWindows-7 your personal computer or laptop very soon. I am here to explain the two valuable resources available for you to install Windows 7 on your computer. These two online tutorials will show you how to do a clean installation with a retail Windows 7. An OEM Windows 7 that comes with your system may show a few different screens than explained here. These two guides are for Windows 7 Ultimate edition and it may help you to install Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Home Premium.

The first guide is from About.com. It has a 34 steps plan to install your Windows 7. The steps and screen shots shown in these 34 steps refer specifically to Windows 7 Ultimate edition but will also serve perfectly well as a guide to reinstalling any Windows 7 edition you may have including Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Home Premium. It is explained in very simple English and with lot of screen shots. It is an easy walk through the complicated procedure. There are tips available, and external links provided for complicated issues. Read this at Clean Install Windows 7.

The second tutorial is from www.sevenforums.com. The article starts like the reason for installing clean – if you have a computer with no operating system installed, you do NOT want to preserve your data, programs, or system drivers, you want to delete your current operating system and replace it with Windows 7 and you want to create a multi boot system by installing Windows 7 on a separate hard disk partition. The auther made the article very useful and simple. With lot of tips and tricks you can make the best out of your Windows 7. You can try this at Windows 7 - Clean Install Windows 7

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HOWTO format and do a clean install Windows 7

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