Friday, July 16, 2010

Latest Design and Engineering software for Engineers

The technology is changing at lightning speed. Now engineers around the world are using latest softwares for design and simulation purpose. Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Production, Protection and Transmission Line Design Engineers can use the latest software. Now see the list of latest software and their use.

ETAP: Calculation related to system fault, short circuit, power flow, current supply, derating factor, earthing system and voltage drop.

CYMCAP: Power cable ampacity calculation per IEC – 60287.

ASPEN: Overhead transmission line and underground cable impedance calculation.

CDEGS: Substation grounding design & Analysis per IEEE-80.

PLS-CADD:A comprehensive program for structural and geometric design of overhead lines including terrain modeling, route selection, manual or automatic minimum cost evaluation, sag tension, clearance, string charts, strength charts, material list generation ‘plan and profile’ drafting.

ALCOA SAG 10:Calculation related to Conductor Sag & Tension, Mechanical load and stresses etc.

STAAD/Pro:A widely accepted general purpose structural analysis and design program for geometric modeling of 2D & 3D frame trusses, plates and various other surfaces which can be generated graphically and with features to generate various kinds of loadings and to perform RCC design, structural steel design, supporting provisions of various international codes.

PLS-TOWER:Complete, integrated computer program for the analysis of Steel Latticed Towers, Communication Towers and Substation Steel Structures.

PLS-POLE:Design of steel monopoles.

PLS-FOOTING:Design of spread footing foundations for Transmission Line towers and substation steel structures foundations.

CAISSON:Design of moment resisting concrete pier foundations for Transmission Line monopoles, small base Substation towers and equipment support structure foundations

ATP (Alternate Transient Program): Insulation coordination study.

SHAFT V.5: Design of axially loaded drilled shafts.

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