Monday, July 5, 2010

Ultra Rapid circuit breaker

An Electrical Circuit Breaker is a device that makes or breaks an electric supply. An Electrical Circuit Breaker is also equipped with protective devices and operated very fast. The basic components of a CB are fixed contact, moving contacts, arch quenching devices, latching and releasing mechanism, driving mechanism etc.
AnUltra Rapid circuit breaker is faster than the normal Circuit Breaker.

Bus bars coupling onboard merchant vessels, off shore platform, loop networks, where the current and energy are important because of the installed power and HV design not easy. That means an engineer who is limited with LV options can use this UltraRapid circuit breaker to reduce damages to the circuit.

As installed power increases, electrical distribution has to shift from a LV design to a HV design. Indeed, a high short-circuit level can be a threat to the installation and make impossible the selection of low voltage equipments.

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